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FRESH aims to provide a creative space where anyone can have fun and the freedom to have a go, get messy and try out lots of exciting techniques and materials.

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My daughter loves Anna’s art club. It’s a real highlight in her week. Anna has introduced her to lots of techniques and materials – she’s learning so much while also having loads of fun. Anna is so good at coming up with projects for the kids that use simple skills to achieve really striking, colourful pieces of art. My daughter has been rally proud of everything she has made in the club, which is testament to how confident Anna makes her students feel even when they are trying new things. Thank you Anna!

Abigail Le Fleming

My daughter has been attending Anna’s art club at Grange Primary School for a couple of years and has absolutely loved it. She was one of the original attendees at that club and each term is keen to return. She has come home with many creative pieces of which she is very proud and has learned new techniques which I often find her practising at home. Thanks Anna, food luck with Fresh Art Club, I’m sure it will be a great success!

Emily Courtney

My son says Anna’s classes are really fun. The children get to learn new techniques every week as well as learning about famous artists. my sone loves her art club.

Chelsea Domeij

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